Monday, July 25, 2011

Exciting News

The travelogue will come soon - tomorrow maybe - but first, some exciting news from The Other Side Of The World. My sister, M2, her husband PIT - along with big brother Squishy and big sister Rosy - welcomed baby Ecru on July 12th:Barely into the 12th he was born a few minutes past midnight. Weighing in at a respectable 9lbs 7ozs and 21 inches long, he looks exactly like he belongs in the family:
Because they live so far away, we don't see my sister's children as they grow into each phase of their faces. It's a sudden thing instead of a gradual shift, so it was highly amusing to see how Rosy now looks EXACTLY like her mother and though Squishy has his father's chin, his expression and hair style is the twin of my baby brother, his Uncle SLB. Baby Ecru just looks disgusted with it all:
I delayed so long in posting because we didn't have a name until twenty minutes ago when it was posted on Facebook. (It's not real 'til it's on Facebook.) My sister is apparently inclined to have only girls as she has a dozen or so female names picked out and Rosy was christened almost before she opened her eyes. The boys however have each had to wait two or three weeks while an appropriate moniker was selected. Still, I expect little Ecru won't remember not having name, so it's okay:

This is me, Aunt again.


RHM said...

They've all got Halpenny Cheeks!

Congratulations Jane on Aunt logrithmically!

Master P said...

That last pic is golden! Congrats, the kiddos are super lucky. You do this aunt thing well :)

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