Monday, June 07, 2010

A Typical Monday

Because yesterday was so much fun...
8:00am - got up, got dressed, fed the kittens, got changed after they splattered their solid food all over me and don't get very much in their mouths, then fed the outdoor cats
9:00am - ate my breakfast, did dishes, started the list of what needs to be done today
9:30am - remember the promise to read ATL's final paper for her Bachelor's degree and get on that
11:00am - random wanderings through the Internet to find Kristin Chenoweth is doing a remake of Promises, Promises on Broadway and Promises, Promises is a musical version of The Apartment. All of which I love, Kristin, musicals, Broadway and the movie.
11:30am - fed the kittens, paid bills, sorted through emails, started this blog post, played some Mafia Wars on Facebook
12:45pm - snagged some lunch
1:00pm - dropped ATL off at her school to turn in said paper, then ran errands to the bank, to get cat food and the grocery store. On the way home from this excursion, Tarzan's mother called to ask if I could drive her from the hospital where she is visiting one of her brothers to the hospital where that brother was being transported. Turned the car around, realized I still had ATL in the car with me and she has a final super early tomorrow, turned the car around again and got on the freeway at a point where I couldn't get off when I needed to, had to pass the exit I could see but not use, turned around AGAIN, let ATL off at the house, unloaded the car, prepared to leave and answered the phone just in time to find out Gamma got a ride with the ambulance.
6:30pm - started dinner and fed the kittens
7:00pm - ate dinner, made and iced three dozen cupcakes for Tarzan to take to school tomorrow for the last Book Club meeting of the year
10:00pm - did dishes from dinner and the cupcakes, finished this post and you guessed it, fed the kittens
11:00pm - go to bed

This is me and these kittens really need to learn to feed themselves.

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