Thursday, June 10, 2010

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

An interesting story on the news feed this morning: British College Under Fire For 'How To Walk In High Heels' Course.
I am torn between the two sides - as I usually am with these media 'scandals' - because 90% of women I see in them don't know how to walk in high heels, with the shuffling and the clomping and their ankles waving in and out. It doesn't say that pupils can declare how to wear high heels as their major so I would say it's harmless, like taking a ballroom dance class at school.
Then again, if it's costing taxpayers money, they should have been made aware of it and why can't the students just pay for the six-week class themselves, like they do for any field trip or assignment that's extra in an educational environment? Also, the class should be emphasizing how to walk in the heels they will be wearing in the workplace, pumps, wedges, peep-toes etc., not lady-of-the-night shoes.
And I suppose the real point of the class has been made because I am talking about it and that's the free publicity they were looking for.

This is me and I would have taken the class. High heels are awesome.


BHB said...


Rocketgirl said...

The last two sentences kill. You are awesome.

I have a good friend who calls me up before every symphony concert she attends and asks me to remind her how to walk in heels. Her husband called me once too, actually, because she was doing it so wrong.

I'd have taken it too :)

Elizabeth said...

Me too...I need it...a friend tried to teach me once, but then she unfriended me before I mastered the art, so here I am the 6 foot tall girl with 3-4 inch heels and looking all kinds of awkward in them.

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