Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Always Been Blue

I totally copied Cathie's post today and took the color test to see if my favorite color has changed:
It hasn't. It's still blue.
The interpretation is fairly accurate I suppose. I am, by nature, an introvert (55%) and have had to grow extrovert wings (45%) to keep up with my husband, his family, my profession (WHY did I want to be an architect?) and all the tasks that come my way.
I am balanced in my understanding of the environment with 35% morals, 33% ideas/feelings/experiences and only 31% facts. Facts just cloud up my mind anyway.
My relationships with others are 53% influenced by my own creativity and spiritual impulse and 47% by my family and personal ties.
My decision making is 65% inner conviction and 34% conversing with others. Does that make me independent or just stubborn?
Tarzan should be happy to know that I take my spouse's sensibility into account 43% of the time. I am driven by my personal goals 56% of the time.
Apparently I am imaginative, intellectual and well-thought (I don't really understand that one) but I don't care too much about others. Perhaps a little resentment still lingers from last night.

This is me and the short version is I am a moderate person. Straight down the middle of the road. At least according to my color preferences.

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