Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Snippet Of The Good Times

Today was spent bonding. First, Rocketgirl and I - and a very classy friend - went to have our hair done. It was an experience I have been severely overdue on receiving and so I may have indulged a tiny bit. So much so that Rocketgirl and Lola sat around with me for almost an hour, watching my highlights dry and chatting up the other stylists. How is that for friends? It was tres to the awesome.
I had Tarzan take the before - with the growth and the leftover super old highlights: And the after: Also the after from the other angle:
Pictures. Perhaps not the greatest lighting for my color to shine but I think it will be excellent. Very violet-red so it won't look so obvious when my hair grows out and it's an easy to care for and versatile style. I think I might want to marry Dorene my stylist. She was awesome.
The afternoon was spent hanging with the children - why do I always think "that would be a great picture" AFTER the moment has passed? Because I am a genius that way - and doing some cleaning up.
Dinner was quite possibly the most fun I have ever had ever eating in my life. Tarzan, his siblings and their spouses and spouses-to-be all went to eat at The Melting Pot in the area. (How lucky are we that there is always one around when we need some fonduing?) It was hilarious, there were so many stories - thanks Rocketgirl for asking us each to share how we met and got engaged, so awesome - and so much food. We were all stuffed and barely able to move but I think good times were had by all. Rocketgirl - the veteran blogger among us - thought to bring a camera so she has the pictures which I will steal in a short while and claim as my own. That's the point of having a genius family.

This is me and it was a red letter day.


Elizabeth said...

Fun!! And your hair looks fantastico!!!

RHM said...

never matters: you always look smokin' hot and Tarzan is quite a lucky man.

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