Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It Was One Of Those Times

There are times in life when things just click. Everything is magical and you can do no wrong. I’ve had a few of those experiences. My first was the time I hit a hole in one. It was during my mission at the golf course on the Grafenwoehr US military base.  I hit the ball and what I can only describe as a perfect tone radiated up and down my body. The experience made me think of Pythagoras’s Music of the Spheres.  I knew that I had made the shot even before I looked up to watch the ball sail straight for the green and roll right into the cup.
My second magical moment happened last week with Cheetah.  It was late and he was tired but he refused to peacefully go to sleep. Even though he was fussy I finally decided to put him in his bed to see what would happen. I laid him down and it was like a switch flipped off. As soon as his body touched the mattress, he stopped making noise and his body went limp. Then 5 seconds later BAM!, he instantly flips on his left side. Then 5 seconds later BAM!, he reverses and flips onto his right side. Silence reigns and Cheetah is finally asleep. The transition was so abrupt and so sudden I was very taken aback. When magic happens you just can’t explain it. Things are just for lack of a better word…magical.

This is me, posting on behalf of Tarzan because the firewall at his school does not allow access to the blog.

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