Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things I Didn't Say

How irritating is it when someone screams at you for doing what you were told to do?
Don't spend too much brain power on it.
It's very, very annoying.
Stingy sent me to show a house and told me to park in a specific place.
I was not supposed to park in that place and the individual who objected to my being there did not hesitate to tell me so. And why. For an extended period of time. At a high volume.
I am proud to tell you I did not say any of the things I was thinking. I didn't take off my sunglasses and look at him and I did not tell him my name despite his demanding it 47 times and not actually waiting for a response.
Here are some of the other things I did not say.
[when he demanded to know who I worked for] I did not say that my employer is the one who told me I could park there.
[when he was telling me that he had "been waiting for 3 minutes"] I did not say that he is taking far longer than 3 minutes to yell at me.
[when he said he was a doctor] I did not say that he should be spending his time saving lives rather than yelling at me
[when he said he was a doctor] I did not say that giving local girls larger implants wasn't the same as curing cancer.
I think I might have a vicious, sarcastic tendency.

This is me and I hope we sell this one soon.

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