Saturday, January 18, 2014

ATL Admiration - Day 2

So, one of the first things I will miss about ATL, when she moves to her own place (far, far away from me) is the fun we have watching television shows together. Tarzan is often busy with the bishop-ing thing, family genealogy, school and his spare jobs and ATL has been my companion in watching silly, girl shows that make Tarzan roll his eyes and sigh. (Glee anyone?)
We recognize actors from one show to another. We quote to each other, we laugh, we mock and say at least once every show "and that's why one doesn't drink," or "and that's why one doesn't have sex before marriage."
We've had a good time and it's telling that the first thing we both thought when she accepted the job was "What are we going to do about watching Downton Abbey?"

This is me and I'll have to learn to watch alone.

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