Sunday, June 03, 2012

To My Tree Doctor

Dear Tree Doctor;
I have a book that explains fruit tree care and it says to prune my apricot tree in the fall after all the leaves come off and to remove all the suckers. It has diagrams of the Y-shape I am supposed to utilize and mentions to not let any branches point downward or off the bottom of another branch. Then it says to fertilize the tree shortly after and in the spring I should get leaves, blossoms and eventually fruit.I did all the trimming and fertilizing and the tree did put out leaves and blossoms, in fact, many blossoms this year:But it didn't stop there, all the blossoms fell off and the tree is growing out of control:How do I make the tree put the spring effort into making fruit and not into making more branches?Thank you for your assistance.
This is me, respectfully Jane.


Renay H. Marquez said...

I've noticed years are intermittent. Sometimes you'll need to just watch the leaves grow.

Master P said...

Dear Jane,
To get the optimal amount of both branches and fruit, I suggest digging up the tree, burying a plastic one and having your kind husband tie various fruits on it while you are sleeping.
The Tree Doctor (although legally I'm not allowed to call myself a "doctor," I'm a doctor like Dr. Pepper)

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