Saturday, June 09, 2012

Last One

Thursday, Tarzan, ATL and I ducked out of work early and drove three hours to see my baby brother, LBO, graduate from high school: I say, without the slightest hint of self importance, that I have been at every one of my eight siblings' high school graduations. And I also say, I have been to better organized events.
The parking was atrocious and despite having tickets and a camera with 18x optical zoom, this is the best picture we could get of LBO's the trip across the stage:Stupid balloon arch.Fortunately, there was much confetti, fireworks and dancing afterwards:Proud parents:Sisters:Manly handshake:Congratulations LBO!
This is me not having to go to another high school graduation ever. I figure by the time the nieces and nephews graduate, we can all Skype in or something.

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Renay H. Marquez said...

Makes you feel as if you have accomplished something yourself having made it through 8 different high school graduations eh? Congratulations to the last one!

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