Saturday, March 24, 2012

My First Party

My first party as Relief Society President - the Relief Society Birthday Party no less - was not what I envisioned. After the search for egg rolls and mini-quiches yesterday failed - I settled for bagel bites and taquitos - I further discovered that the party supply places near my house did not have helium for the balloons, no one had round table cloths and Tarzan forgot to get the ingredients for the punch.
It was not a great start.
Taking time to find a place that did balloons took time, so I was late getting to church to set up, which meant I was late finding a place that had round table cloths - luckily across the street from the church - late getting the punch - at a store that was renovating their freezer section so the sherbet was almost liquid! - late getting started and I really, really, REALLY hate that feeling, of being late when it could have been avoided.
We had a lot of food: It was all really good. My second counselor made - MADE - the cupcakes:And they were delicious. She's on the right:(Note the FANTASTIC balloons I aquired. There were three dozen. I know.) The party goers:It was a low key fuction, with eating, talking and Pictionary which went well I thought. Everyone got a party favor. My first counselor made all the party favors and they were adorable. She's on the right:We were small in number but large in fun. And the kids were apparently fooling around with my camera when I was not in the room:
This is me and Tarzan was correct; it all came out okay.


Anonymous said...

Bravo, Pres! Your ladies look please as punch. One down __?__ to go.
Good work :)

Master P said...

That looks awesomesauce!! I LOVE the centerpieces - so smart to have them as decor too. And I LOVE bagel bites. Let me come to your next party?

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