Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Surprise

(I will return to the updating posting tomorrow.)
Tonight I will say this: Tarzan and I stepped WAY out of our comfort boxes and went to an Event (that's right, capitol E) at a local university where awards were given for excellence in helping out kids. I don't know the whole deal. Tarzan went because he's part of the program through his school and with all the negative press right now abut schools, he wanted to hear some good stuff.
There was a lot of "aren't we awesome," but the biggest surprise of the night was how much I enjoyed listening to Arianna Huffington speak. She's direct, honest but not mean or cruel - her introducer was quite right, she doesn't disparage anyone else's opinion - she's realistic, practical and she's funny.
Such a good speech.
Not overly long but very helpful and uplifting.
I would totally vote for her if she ran for President. (I know, born in Greece and all that but I think she'd be good at it.)
Do you remember in school, when the teacher asked who you looked up to? I could never think of anyone.
Now I have an idol, though I don't think that's the sort of attention she's looking for.

This is me and to think I almost stayed home tonight.

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