Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We Belong

'Tis the season and all that - I will have to mail 4 or 5 boxes myself later this week - so I shouldn't have been surprised when mysterious packages started arriving on our doorstep. There hasn't been a note on any of them though and after I opened one - almost spoiling a Christmas surprise - I've just been piling them in a corner of the living room.
Hopefully none of them are perishable.
Then, last night, I overheard Tarzan on the phone asking about a membership kit that was supposed to have arrived. We rifled though the stack and, fortunately for the guy on the phone, came up with it.
See, we had joined the Fridgetop Root Beer Society.
Tarzan really likes root beer and over Thanksgiving he and Floyd did some talking about ways to spread the love. It's still in the embryo stage but he's having fun networking with the owner/CEO of the Root Beer Society.
(Tarzan joined Facebook! That's how much he's into this.)
They've exchanged emails over the wonders of the new flavors that are in the membership kit - the Sprecher was super smooth, the Gray's a little zippier.
Also included in the kit; two "official" membership cards, a cute mug that can be frosted for crisper tasting, the history of the company which is a really funny read and a bottle opener which comes in handy for people who don't use their shirt to open a bottle cap. All profusely stamped with the name of the ccompany and the website.
I think we're lifers.

This is me and I'm contemplating how Tarzan would take it if I framed his member's certificate for a Christmas present...


Mara said...

You just gave me a great idea for a present.

Anonymous said...

Rhys on Facebook!!! I gotta check charts for planet alignment!!! This is HUGE news!!!
Oh yeah, root beer rocks!!!

Master P said...

Ha! Yeah, the guy is in our ward, you'd love him. but enough to join FB?? Wonders will never cease!! (ps - Sprechers actually has a restaurant in the Dells -a nice one!! Worth visiting me? Soooon ;)

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