Thursday, December 08, 2011


I'm about half done with the Christmas shopping - which I love to do, pick out gifts I think others with like, plus it's shopping with zero guilt - but there's still the wrapping and the shipping and as soon as one thing gets crossed off the list three more appear. I don't know how it happens. I try to schedule things out. We started working on the Sunday Christmas program almost two months ago but now we're down to two weeks and Tarzan hasn't even looked at his piece yet. The guy whose supposed to be playing the guitar - acoustic - hasn't been there the last two weeks so I don't know if he has time to learn his song. The kids are way more interested in presents than singing.
And I know it will all work out. The presents will get bought, and delivered, and the program will be good.
It's just the anticipation that makes me antsy. Timing is not my gift and I really worry about forgetting something serious.

Like sending the outline to the lady who does the program so she can print it out.
Or asking the guy to play Santa at the party this weekend! That's what I was supposed to do this afternoon. Oy.
Send some good scheduling thoughts my way.

This is me and maybe I should develop a mantra; "it will all work will all work out..."


Anonymous said...

Our ward started a new idea for the ward Xmas more Santa. Now it's 3 Wise Men. I wonder what harder to schedule, 1 Santa or 3 Wise Guys?
Also, for the past 5 years our ward no longer has an evening ward Xmas party. BREAKFAST PARTY. First Saturday of Dec. Easy Peasy.

RHM said...

It is funny, as if the holiday list really is just a bunch of bunnies...or maybe it's on a logrithmic scale. Imagine the graphs.

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