Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Of Those Days

I try to be efficient, I do.
What with being suddenly back in the workforce - post about THAT to come soon - my time is not as flexible as it had been - even when I was helping my parents out every week and that's still going really well - and I like to get as much done in one trip as I can. Makes me feel good to leave the house and come back with half a dozen things off my To-Do list.
I got home a little later than usual today from the Cannery where I volunteer and needed to do a few things before dinner. Get gas in my car, visit the post office, the bank, the store, the usual stuff.
So, I headed out the door with the reusable grocery bags, because I love the environment; my book, because the lines are way long at the stores in our neighborhood; a movie to return, the grocery list, my purse and my car keys. First stop was for gas, and in the resulting exhilaration of paying less than $4.00 a gallon, I mailed the grocery list along with the Netflix envelope.

This is me and days like this happen all too frequently.


Master P said...

What?? Workforce?? Lines so long you need a book?!?! You should really call me with all that free time you have. I seriously mean it - my phone has been randomly deleting numbers and yours was a lucky one. I need some serious advice!!

RHM said...

As annoying as that is, at least you didn't mail the car keys, the purse, the bags, or the book.

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