Friday, April 29, 2011

My Feet

While waiting my turn in the temple Wednesday night I noticed that my feet are not symmetrical.
I may have mentioned previously that my feet are not the same size which makes shoe shopping an adventure. (Where can one buy a pair of shoes where the right foot is a half size larger than the left? That's what I thought.)
Now it looks as though my feet may have come from two different places altogether.
Let's just start at the beginning.
The big toes; the right one is bigger and more bent than the left. The left has a larger callus - from all those years spent running barefoot before we freaked out over broken glass and nails on the sidewalk - and a weirder toenail.
The second toes; the right one is longer than the big toe on the same foot but is very straight. The left one is not longer than the big toe on that foot but it is twisted so the nails can touch each other.
The middle toes; are pretty normal though the left one is shorter and thinner than it's equal on the right foot.
The fourth toes; are both curved but the left is curved A LOT, such that the nail is almost behind the middle toe. And on both feet the fourth toes are A LOT shorter than the middle ones. Like they were leftovers from a smaller model.
Last but not least, the baby toes; the right one is bigger but the left one can stretch a lot farther away from it's neighbor than the right one.
I had a long time to examine my feet.

This is me, and it's weird the things one notices.


Master P said...

If I was inclined to drawing, I would totally try and draw your feet based off this description. That's a lotta time looking at your feet!

Anonymous said...

Looks...schmoocks. As long as they work well and cause no pain, all's well. Happy Hiking :)

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