Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ode For A Busy Man's Birthday

Dear Tarzan,
This year I'm very glad I do these 'odes' which some think are silly - maybe they are - because you are so stressed and preoccupied right now you haven't got the time to spend but one day you can come back and reread my birthday wishes for you.
I wish you a job that you love, with none of the bureaucratic silliness that gets in the way of doing a good job.
I wish you time. TIme to spend on all the things you want to learn and share and find and be.
I wish you the desire to grow and progress but contentment with our place right now.
I wish you joy in the work that is life, happiness in the journey and laughter together.

This is me and Happy Birthday honey!

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Master P said...

Sweetest Ode ever. What a lucky man Tarzan is!!

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