Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

So yesterday a friend from church came over to help Tarzan change out our water heater - which was leaking and apparently 1/256th away from flooding the entire shed and backyard - and I wanted to do something nice for him. Today being Easter I thought I'd make some cupcakes and decorate them all cute.
It was doomed from the start; I was out of oil. Being the kitchen diva I am, I used melted butter.
ATL thought white cake was too boring so she encouraged me to add sprinkles to the batter. The colors ran and bled all together.
Then when they were finally baked I dared to test one. Tarzan thought it tasted excellent but the bottom ripped off with the paper.
I finished the process, dyed the icing and all that so they looked pretty:
But the insides were all green-y grey and they ripped when taking the paper off, so I couldn't in good conscience give them to anyone. So we kept them.
Tarzan was okay with it.

This is me and I'll just have to think of something else.


Master P said...

heehee - dagnabit, I want some! Tarzan is such a lucky disposal :)

Mara said...

Those look yummy! Gabriel wants cupcakes now.

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