Thursday, August 26, 2010


Tarzan here. A couple weekends ago I had the delightful pleasure to visit the land where rocks come from. Jane and I went out to the Ranch to continue prepping the ground for the orchard. That involves digging more holes in the ground. Most of the holes have been pretty easy. A couple of them however have been the elephant’s graveyard for rocks but in reverse. The last time I tried this, my eagerness got the better of me and I started digging in the heat of the day. Nearly passed out from heat stroke. This time we worked in the morning and in the evening. We still managed to pull a lot of very sizable rocks out of the ground. Where did all of these things come from and why are they all concentrated in only a few scattered locations? Good times.
These babies were pure joy to pull out of the ground:
All these rocks came out of the same hole. Maybe we should have moved the hole! The proud diggers:
The beautiful end result of our labors:


Jared and Tanya's Family said...

Good work everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you unearthed a few money rocks there. Could the ranch use a nice rock garden somewhere? Or maybe a landscaper or neighbor would pay for one/or more of these beauties.
Tarzan's muscular youth is...nice ;]

Rocketgirl said...

Those are ginormous!!! How on earth did you find mini-stonehedge in the backyard??

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