Monday, November 20, 2006

What better day? (Weird#1)

I've heard it said that Monday is the day most diets start - why not a blog? There's nothing monumental about today - just a November Monday in The Jungle. It's 90 degrees outside (take that Frozen North) 11% humidity (take that Swampland) and Thanksgiving is in three days. Love the Thanksgiving. Less shove-it-down-my-throat-you-must-buy-our-product-or-you-are-a-horrible-person-ing than Christmas, (which I also love but for other reasons) plus it's a four day weekend and there's lots of family around.
Ooh. Had a cah-razy dream last night:
(Not that I don't have them all the time but I don't usually remember them as vividly.)
**I was at an indoor swimming pool watching somebody's swim meet. I don't know him in real life but I did in my dream. Then I was going home (to no home I have ever known, or even visited ever in my life) and someone had broken in to the house, so (being stupid in my dream) I went inside, locked all the doors and called 911. While on the phone three people showed up and said they were police but the badges they showed me looked like prizes from a cereal box and they were carrying axes so I wouldn't let them in. The lead guy (who looked like John Goodman) started breaking down the door so I called 911 again and ran out into the yard on the other side of the house. The chick chased me, she had a knife, but I grabbed my own ax from the hedge that was growing next to the path. We fought briefly and then I was back at the house and a real policeman were there (who ALSO looked like John Goodman) and then my husband (let's call him Tarzan) came home and we hugged and then I woke up.**
Weird stuff yes? Occasionally I catch this "interpret my dream" show on the radio and callers always have such simple stuff to report. "My dog looked like my dad and he barked Ok, Ok," "Grandma was flying over my house." Whatever peeps. You want a weird dream, look me up.

Sssssh, this is me tiptoeing quietly into the cyber world. Let's see if anyone notices I'm here...


Rocketgirl said...

woohooo!! Loving the internet addiction! So jealous about you getting to spend Thanksgiving in 'merica. At least you have a turkey! That's Tarzan, right? mmhmm, thought so. LOVE your writing!!

Roslyn said...

Hello, this is a test to whether or not I can post a comment with Dallin's assistance.

Roslyn said...

D and J and I are sitting in the gorgeous Hawaiian morning air at the Kona airport waiting to go to Honolulu for the big CODA of our T-day adventure in paradise. "Twas brillig!! Love your blog. Glad to hear your holiday was loverly. Thanks for taking such good care of Tarzan. Hope your folks and all such kin are doing well. Love ya. Gotta load now. Happy day-after my most favorite holiday.
By the way D and J and I celebrated the beloved feast at the Kiluea Lodge atop a volcano. To die for feast is was.
Take care.
I share your love of So. Cal. My heart does flips every time I land there.

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