Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh Susanna! (Weird#3)

So there I was, in a big white room with all these holes in the walls. I gathered that I was supposed to design the windows to go in these holes. I also gathered that the room I was in was inside another room. There were lots of wooden desks inside this room. We were having a meeting and then the meeting proceeded to move outside and up what looked like an emergency slide from an airplane. While standing on this slide, which was sitting on a stage, we were "scanned" somehow - to get the sonogram of each of our babies. (This included the GUYS who were standing behind me.) When we got off the slide it spit out what looked like construction documents but was actually the run down on the baby. Our names and information about the baby was on the cover. I was having a girl apparently as was the guy who had stood behind me for the scan. Flipping through the drawings I saw several hand sketches of girls in gardens and under trees, but I never saw the sonogram. Then it was our turn to sing on the stage and we were teaching the audience "Oh Susanna" but they kept getting stuck on the "banjo on my knee part" which we had to sing over and over and over. Finally it was my turn to lead the audience in their part and the alarm clock woke me up.

This is me dreaming.

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