Friday, February 26, 2016

Epic Recap

I wonder if any one has failed so spectacularly quick at their New Year's resolution?
There is no explanation other than I am a lazy bum and enjoy playing with blocks and reading books all day.
However, Tarzan has posts scheduled for the next few days so I thought I'd speak before we jump into the current moment to get us all caught up. 
The last time I shared any pictures was before Thanksgiving - mostly because I do a lot of my posting from my iPad which does not post pictures. (Or I can't figure it out if it does.) - and as we learned, the small ones make progress really quick.
When we last saw Cheetah he was crawling and pulling himself up. Particularly when near a thing that makes noise:
Or when items require flinging from the shelves:
He's quite adept at emptying a bookcase in record time.
He was very interested in our Little People Nativity during December (thank you Liezel for the recommendation!) His favorite part was pushing the angel to make it light up and sing:
(It was a really adorable set, with a lot of pieces - none of which we lost, which was amazing - and my only comment/criticism is why would it include a sheep, a cow, two donkeys and no shepherd?)
He was less amused with Santa:
It was fantastic to have Tarzan home more during his Christmas break from school and he and Cheetah spent many adorable hours bonding:
We got a larger Christmas tree than last year and Cheetah thought it was great. It looked a little odd as the season went on. We kept having to put the decorations back on higher up so he couldn't reach the breakables:
Which is always higher than we think. I remember the day I walked in on this:
Cheetah quit nursing in January, and I think I pushed him to continue longer than he may have cared to. This kid came into the world expecting to eat steak and when presented with only milk it just wasn't enough. He eats everything:
We cut his hair for the first time in January. The back was just a little too long:
Of course it's a little crooked now, so I'm not sure which is the greater faux pas:
Somewhere in there Cheetah let go of our hands:
And started walking:
Of course now he's an expert, up and down everything, even stairs, needing no help:
He loves to 'help' me with the dishwasher:
He's a big reader:
And he likes to climb:
The latest stats from his 15-month appointment this week.
*Almost* 33" tall. (32.84")
*Almost* 30lbs. (29 lbs 11ozs)
Gigantic head 20.24"

This is me with only the one excuse for not blogging. I've got to get it together.


Renay H. Marquez said...

Well... Maybe he will learn home repair?

ATL said...

Ack!! Look at him up by your window! That's daring...

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