Monday, February 29, 2016

Explorations and Encounters Part 1

Cheetah is extremely intrigued with all things outdoors. Anytime he can detect an open door he makes a run for freedom. Jane and I were concerned early on that our small property lot would not interest Cheetah very much, but for now he enjoys roaming our small piece of the urban jungle. One big draw is the wildlife, both organic and mechanical.
Cheetah loves the cats. To him they are mobile teddy bears. I must say how surprised I am at how tolerant the cats are of Cheetah. He can be quite grabby but aside from laid back ears and exasperated facial expressions, the cats put up with quite a lot from him. They don't always let him catch them but often they will approach him and let him pet them. Ripples of the Garden of Eden I suppose.
Cheetah also loves moving vehicles. Whenever I take him with me to check the mail his head will constantly swivel to focus on the nearest vehicle on our busy city street. Left to his own devices, he will hang on the front fence and happily watch to world go by. Life is huge source of entertainment for this child.

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Renay H. Marquez said...

This lasts well into his 20s. Have fun with this stage.

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