Friday, October 17, 2014


I know, how much more excited can we get about my birthday?
But a lot of things occurred post birthday post, so a summation is required I think.
First, how did this happen?:
It has my name on it. I understand they can program it to say anything they want, but how do they do it so it only shows up on my computer?
Next, Tarzan bought me a lovely present:
So I can make pesto with all the lovely basil in the front yard without having to scrape extra bits off the ceiling. (Our current food processor is a tad ancient and doesn't lock closed anymore, so ingredients can take a walk during rotation if they like.)
And then another present last night:
For my feet which do not like shoes or socks and so often get dry and cracked and he has found the only lotion in the world that does not cause him to break out in hives to touch it, so we are both happy when he rubs my feet. Then, a friend from high school sent me this:

Tarzan ALSO took me out for dinner. We had hoped to find the only restaurant in the universe that served dim sum after 4pm, but it wasn't to be. The food was "a feast for the eyes" as my mother-in-law likes to tell us is a big deal in Chinese cuisine: 

And it also tasted really good:
Tarzan tried valiantly for a few minutes and then decided he was too hungry to manage the chopsticks and asked for a fork:
One day we will make it to a dim sum establishment.
While it is still serving the dim sum.
And of course there was the ego stroking that is Facebook's reminding people it was my birthday. Even if some of those people only chat or leave a message once a year, it still makes a person feel special.

This is me and all in all, it was a very lovely birthday. Thanks peeps.


Master P said...

HAPPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!! These pictures make so so hungry! And also laugh hard, because Tarzan looks all sheepish for giving in to the fork :) Send me some pesto!!

Renay H. Marquez said...

Glad you had a great birthday! Next year's outing should be interesting. Just keep the plates away from Cheetah...let's just say I've had a LOT of broken plates in restaurants. Bubba, Short Stuff, and the Whiney One I'm all looking at you...

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