Monday, October 06, 2014

A Portrait of Perfection

One of my most memorable high school experiences was a humanities class. The teacher was quite zany and interesting. I particularly enjoyed viewing the famous portraits she introduced us to.  One of them, Flaming June, was a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton. The flowing waves of the fabric and innocence of the sleeper caught my attention.
Recently we had hardwood floors installed in our house which required us to move everything we owned around the installation. I tried to do as much as possible to spare Jane, but there was a lot of work and Jane worked like a Trojan. She eventually got tired and took a nap which gave me the opportunity to snap this priceless photo. My own personalized version of Flaming June without all the Romantic period imagery that I've never had time for. This image is much more pragmatic and much more beautiful. Jane always works so hard and makes my life much easier and enjoyable because of her dedicated service. When I first met her I was initially attracted to her by her confidence and the many good things I watched her do. I knew I wanted to marry her the first time I saw her, it just took me a few years to figure out how to make that happen. Now our home is heaven on earth because of her and rapidly growing too! How I adore this woman. 
Happy Birthday Jane!
(in 10 days)


Anonymous said...

Flaming June looks flaming uncomfortable…reminds me of trying to sleep during a road trip. Jane looks luckier.

Master P said...

This is possibly the most romantic thing I have ever read. Bravo, Tarzan!!! I seriously am all choked up over here.

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