Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Thought Green Meant Go

What is with pedestrians and not walking when the light is green - or showing the little dude walking - and then going when the light is red - or showing the red hand - or sauntering across in the middle of the street, or starting to walk when there are only 03 seconds flashing on the signal and not even making an effort to go faster when there are cars in two directions honking and clogging up the intersection and yet when the light is green, welcoming them to proceed, they hang out on the corner, so I don't know if I can turn right or if they're just taunting me?

This is me and what is with people?!

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Anonymous said...

You had me frightened for a minute. Thought maybe someone ran over a pokey pedestrian. Whew! Glad its all just waiting and wondering. Much better than hurrying and hurting.
Patience is good and safe, too.
Let 'em chitchat.
Be safe. You are precious cargo.

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