Sunday, June 23, 2013

Post Script

I knew there was one more thing!
I forgot to mention that last Sunday, after all the auto insanity, and the weekend with the missionaries and dinner and work and all of that, I was getting in my car after church, to take a friend home...
And the passenger side mirror was gone from the door. Not the whole thing, wires weren't hanging out or anything. In fact, the mechanism that turns the mirror were quite visible, and when I used the knob inside, I could see it turning the nonexistent reflective surface. No, just the mirror surface had been popped off.
And again - because Chrysler makes such fancy cars - they couldn't just replace the individual piece, they had to order and replace the entire apparatus. So that was two more days in the shop.

This is me with really low mileage this month.


Anonymous said...

But it's a CONVERTIBLE!!!
So all's forgiven

Renay H. Marquez said...

maybe it's time to go find a real fancy car that works?

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