Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bishop-ing - Part 1

There are many blessings that come from being married to a Bishop.
One, people give you A LOT of food. I don't know if it's a bribe, a representation of their sustaining him, a desire for recognition, or they're just nice and have a direct focus for their service. In any case, I might not have to cook as much over the next seven years if this keeps up.
Two, any setting apart of myself can be done at home and with little fanfare, not taking up valuable time at church. As was the case when I was released from being Relief Society President and - same day - called to be in the Primary. 1st counselor as opposed to President and let me tell you, it is a marvelous thing. I LOVE being the support staff, the help meet, the back up singer, the nurse. I've never liked being in charge and so this is great. (First time in eight years I haven't had to be at all the early morning meetings.) It's amazing. But on the day I was released another sister was called to be Relief Society President and I walked her through the basics, handed over all the books (Also the first time in eight years my church bag held only my scriptures.) and explained the lessons, activities already lined up, and the procedures  for food orders and stuff.
In the kerfluffle, I was not set apart for my calling.
Tarzan and I remembered it later that night and so we hopped back in our Sunday clothes so he could do it in the living room:

Twice we've done it this way. Once for Primary counselor, once for music chairperson (I was doing that already, just not officially I guess.)
Both times, full suit and tie. No socks.
As far as the work itself, Tarzan is a different sort of Bishop. Maybe it's because I see him all the time and not just when he's "bishop-ing," maybe because he's not concerned with the politics, the PC way of speaking, just about getting the job done, and when done correctly, there is a lot of work to do, maybe because he persists in doing it without socks:

He is doing well, people like him and the ward is growing, so we can't complain.

This is me living with the Bishop.

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