Sunday, June 09, 2013

Factoid Part II

This is in answer to a question from a post back in March.
To refresh your memories - and mine - I mentioned that roasting avocado pits smell EXACTLY like moth balls.
The way in which I know that is a funny story. (Aren't they always?)
My baby brother LBO was in town - for spring break - and he, ATL and I were making dinner.
Whatever we were eating required avocados and we were pitting them. One was a little harder to get out than the others and when it finally let go, it flew across the room and disappeared. We looked everywhere, under the counters, the fridge, the stove, behind appliances on the counter, in the dining room in case it rolled.
It was gone.
When I opened the oven to retrieve dinner the pit fell into the oven - it had been in the tiny gap between the door and the cooktop on our stove - and rolled all the way to the back. It was very hot in the oven so I left it for later.
That was my mistake.
I completely forgot about the pit until a few days later when I turned the oven on again and the unmistakable odor of mothballs pervaded the kitchen. We couldn't figure out where it was coming from. We took out the trash, washed the can, mopped the floor, threw out some potatoes. Anything that was in the vicinity of the smell.
Again, when retrieving dinner, I rediscovered the pit in the back of the oven and it all came together.
I did not wait so long to get it out this time and we have been mothball smell free ever since.

This is me and that's how I know.

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