Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Weird Dream #43

Things have been going well here with Rocketgirl & Co.
Condor is adorable of course, the weather is less than stellar but not as horrible as feared and the woman herself is far better than her own posts let on. She's managing as the mother of three with style and aplomb.
I have felt a little superfluous serving mainly as a companion and family gossip dispenser. Mostly because I came all intending to do nighttime duty so she could remember what sleeping for a full 8 hours feels like, and SHE WON'T LET ME DO IT. Something about it making her feel like she has control of the situation...
This leaves me getting a lot of sleep and last night, I dreamed a really vivid and intense scene that left me exceptionally weirded out.
I dreamt I was getting married. To Rufus - an ex-boyfriend from USC - though I hadn't seen him since college. We were to meet in an office in the temple - which looked like a hospital - in order to get reacquainted. Rufus arrived in a wheelchair with both feet in those walking boots they give you when you sprain an ankle or break a foot. He also brought his ex-wife and four children. He kissed like I remember though and we spent time talking and looking at old photos when my mother came to tell us to hurry up because we were holding up the line. That's when I realized I had forgotten my make-up bag and had only one pair of shoes - apparently I need two pairs of shoes to get married. We were going ahead with it despite my anxiety and were queued up to be next when Tarzan arrived, in a broken down, old, blue, car and came to stand with the crowd. When I saw him I ran up, threw my arms around his neck, said, "it's always been you" and kissed him thoroughly.
We walked out to his car - before or after being married I do not know - through the wet parking lot of the temple/hospital, past a food truck with a very long line of people and stopped to talk out by his car, where, after a short while, a man wandered by with several black antelope following him. It was as we turned to look at them that I woke up.
It was so real I had to talk to Tarzan this morning just so he could tell me everything was okay.

This is me and it was trippy.

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Anonymous said...

TRIPPY, I'll say it was.
Hard to face the day after a journey like that.
So...was everything OK?

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