Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday - Part 2

Poor Tarzan. His birthday was a conglomeration of a bit here and a bit there. On the actual day we had cake.
Last Saturday we went to his favorite restaurant, Zankou Chicken. It's a Mediterranean/Organic fusion type place and everything is delicious. But the best part is this crazy good garlic paste butter thing that goes on top and it's just amazing.
Tarzan LOVES it. You will notice in this picture:

There are already two empty containers in front of him.
Both of those were full of the creamy, garlicky condiment. I like the stuff, no question but no one inhales it like Tarzan does.
Even spread out over several days, I think it was a good birthday.

This is me and yes, more is forthcoming. It's a lot of information to process to coherency.

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