Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ode To My Honey

I seem to have been derelict in my duties last year and did not do an ode to Tarzan. Which puts on the pressure to make this a good one.
Dear Tarzan,
Once again - or rather, still - we are busy with full schedules and places to be after the work day is over. But you keep working, keep trying, keep growing, keep serving, keep teaching. You are smart, funny, cute, tall, charming and willing to share. Greying with style, random and adorable. I wish you all the best of everything, always!

This is me and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tarzan!


Anonymous said...

Like his mum, Tarzan remembers little of such things. But, he's always gracefully grateful when such delicacies are prepared to celebrate his Entrance.
Merci beaucoup e félicitations.

Anonymous said...

Since Tarzan blogs not, it may be incumbent on you to keep us abreast of the new ecclesiastical comings & goings and chronicle his great adventure.

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