Thursday, May 28, 2015

Music Apreciation 101

So Jane and I are starting to introduce Cheetah to the wonderful world of Music. We have different channels on Pandora set to different genres. Aside from never knowing what comes next the sheer variety that Pandora offers is very welcome. We are also discovering that there are a lot of pieces that we can't identify but are familiar with. One of Cheetah great aunts gave him a electronic music box that plays 5-6 famous classical pieces. The only one Jane and I recognize is the William Tell Overture. I wonder if there is an app to help identify famous pieces? Now I know what Lehi was faced with. There is just too much for one or two people to remember when it comes to raising a child without external reference sources.

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Master P said...

The might be an app, but what I use is Uncle Dallin. I call him up and sing a few notes and he tells me what it is. Try it :)

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