Thursday, April 30, 2015

Taking Baby Pictures is Harder than it Looks!

Unfortunately because of my busy schedule I often don't get to see Cheetah awake. Its always wonderful to see him though. He sleep like an angel. I am having some trouble taking pictures of him with my new phone.

This is what he looks like in the morning without a flash.
This is what adding the flash did. Surprisingly he didn't wake up after this shot, just went back to sleep.
And this time I got it right. What is even better than seeing him asleep is seeing him awake. Sometimes when I get up I will find Cheetah lying quietly in his bed awake. As soon as he sees me he will flash one of his wonderful smiles and start dancing around in his crib. It is certainly the best way to start any day and it is sometimes very hard to go to work sometimes. I am also very happy that Cheetah lays around quietly and lets Jane sleep.

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Master P said...

If you usihavea camthat's not a point and shoot, a Light Scoop with your flash gets a really nice natural looking light, especially for those early morning and evening shots.

I'd hate to say goodbye to that face too!

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