Saturday, April 25, 2015

Opposable Thumbs

Recently I noticed that Cheetah has been gaining increasing control over his hands and has begun to use them on purpose. He can now feed himself after a fashion if we place food in his hands.
Its a bit messy and he often chomps on his hands as much as the cookie, but its the first time I've seen him do something for himself. He is a keen observer though and definitely is aware of his own self interest. He is very happy when he sees food or baby spoons coming his way.
At the same time he is also increasingly aware of food. He's eaten everything we've given him with gusto and has his sights on grown-up food. Last night Jane and I were enjoying some homemade beef stew. Cheetah spent the whole time looking at us making his Ah-Ah hungry sounds. Jane says she can't eat or drink anything without Cheetah wanting some. He is definitely learning.

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Master P said...

MORE JANE AND CHEETAH SHOTS! Every time I see her happy face with that little angel, it makes my heart melt. I want ALL MOMMY AND BABY ALL THE TIME!!

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