Monday, February 09, 2015

There is Beauty All Around...When This is What's For Dinner!!!!!

The most amazing part of this whole new baby thing is the food. Seriously, I have always loved Jane's cooking and her biggest pet peeve when she was working in an office was the fact that she didn't have time to cook. Now that she is home taking care of Cheetah, she is really hitting it out of the culinary park! This is what was on the menu last Thursday:
Bacon wrapped, goat cheese encrusted filet mignon drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce accompanied by a dancing in the aisles, fabulously crunchy blue cheese and bacon chopped salad and a delightfully savory side of slap you in the face good, garlic and cheese mashed potatoes. This dinner was followed by tears of joy. And yet it was only almost as good as the home made cheese and broccoli soup she made the week prior. That dish was sooooo good I swear the earth moved as I relished it. Life is divine.

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Anonymous said...

Your culinary joy is topped only by your rhetorical ecstasy. JUICY!

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