Saturday, December 20, 2014

They Get Stale Quick

The problem with giving baked goods for the holidays is that you have to space out the giving - leading to some people thinking they have been overlooked and all kinds of hurt feelings there - or spend one crazy day/night baking and decorating and labeling. When one has a newborn this is more stressful/exhausting than it has ever been.
(At one point I looked at the clock thinking it was close to midnight and finding out it was only 8:30. On the one hand, that's good - more time - on the other my sense of time is severely distorted.)
If I was less idealistic, I would have recognized the challenge before getting mired in the process and ending up with icing all over because I wasn't thinking clearly and didn't put a tray under the rack of glazed cookies.

This is me rethinking my plan.

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Master P said...

OKAY. See, every year we have a gift rotation with the sibs and every year you and Tarzan say screw it and send something to everyone anyway. I don't complain because c'mon, who doesn't like presents?? Especially you guys, because you are sooo good at it. But this year I thought - yeah, this is the year they finally get on board with the rotation. They HAVE to slow down. And not only did we get a gorgeous chocolate tower from you guys, but you also are making baked goods??? I'm sooooo okay with you guys slowing down. We barely got gifts for our own kids and sibs, and no one, not even the kids, has seen a baked good here. You rock, and it's okay to slow down. If you want, I mean ;) You are more than welcome to keep rocking this Santa thing.

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