Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cheeta: Week 6

(The kid is only six weeks old and I am already reduced to post dating blog posts to appear current and on top of things.)
This is essentially a photo dump post because one; people have been asking for more pictures, two; he's changing and though I don't notice it while living day to day, it's really apparent in the photos and videos and three; complete strangers tell me he's the cutest baby they've ever seen:
Cheeta is six weeks old now and starting to develop a schedule.
Sort of.
He wakes up most mornings around 9am. This makes getting ready for church an adventure and the last two weeks I have had to feed him in two pieces, during Sharing Time or Singing Time as I was in charge of one of them each time.
Then he goes back to sleep for most of the morning.
The afternoon and evenings are still random, depending on what we are doing and where we have to be. Dinner time through 11pm is Cheeta's fussy time and he spends a lot of it thinking he's hungry only to fall asleep after nursing for 3 minutes and then crying when he gets put in bed. It's a party.
He goes to sleep for real between 11 and midnight - except for the night he stayed up until 2am - sleeps until 4am or so, gets up to nurse, wants to play and is convinced to go back to sleep around 5:30 or 6 and sleeps until 9am. It's not a bad schedule and I am really thankful he lets me get ~4 hours of sleep at a time. It cuts down on the number of times I have to check my phone to see what day it is.
As far as dislikes, Cheeta still does not like a soggy diaper though he is just fine sitting in his poop. He does not like light when he is trying to sleep, though he stares at all lights and sunbeams all the other times.
Overall, he's a pretty agreeable baby. He fusses at home but when we're out he charms all the people:
Likes; he likes singing and that will usually work when won't settle down. I am finding I don't know the words to many kid songs, other than church ones. I really need a Raffi CD or something.
He likes the mop in the bathroom next to where we change him on the counter:
He loves bath time. Thank you Rocketgirl for the tip. When they get crabby, stick them in the water and watch how fast they cheer up:
Cheeta likes driving in the car, which can be an advantage when we are running errands. As long as the sun doesn't get in his face, he'll usually sleep:
As with every baby, he loves to be held and sometimes that is the only way he will sleep:
Which makes it hard if I need to do something with both hands, like shower. It has been a real blessing this holiday season to have Tarzan home so we can take turns holding Cheeta and getting other things done. I'm almost caught up on the laundry!
Cheeta REALLY likes that mop:
If he's fussy we can sometimes put him down and have him spend 10-15 minutes communing with the cleaning supplies:
Because of my left-handedness, and our position for nursing, Cheeta has developed an affinity for his right shoulder and spends a lot of his time staring in that direction. I hope it won't develop into a need for physical therapy in the future. (I worry about a lot of weird things like that.)
He is learning to smile. We're not entirely sure when/if he means it or if he's just working his facial muscles but it's adorable when it happens:
His Daddy is pretty smitten:
And I'm pretty sure - as long as he's fed and dry - that the feeling is mutual:

This is me; have I mentioned how much he likes that mop:


Cathie said...

The mop obsession is hilarious! P had a thing for the curtain in front of my closet, so I'd plop her bouncer seat right next to it, strap her in, and take the world's quickest showers.

Renay H. Marquez said...

Good grief! He's huge. I hope I get to meet him before he's fifteen...

kimbo said...

You're so great to share more even when creepy lurker-type peeps ask! ;) He's just so cute. I'm glad you're getting out and hearing it from other strangers. It's not just me--your baby is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!!!
The pictures are too precious for words.
Can't stop looking at them.

Flying squirrel said...

Awwww, he's so adorable! Keep the pictures comin'!
Also, haha at "communing with the cleaning supplies"!

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