Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome Little Ted

I never thought that ours was a particularly photogenic family. We aren't ugly and we all smile, but it's not catalog lovely, or billboard fabulous but effortless looking when the camera turns our way.
And yet, every single one of my sisters looks simply fabulous after giving birth.
What is that about? Check it out:
BHB and Seth welcomed little Ted into the world last week:
How alert does he look after only 3 hours of life?! Right?
Tarzan keeps insisting the kid must be older than he actually is. Not sure how they would be mistaken, but I'm thinking it's the hair. Takes after his father already:
Everyone is doing fine and healthy, home and adjusting. It keeps getting weirder as my younger and younger sisters have kids. I remember the day we were in the paper because BHB was the first baby born in her hospital in 1987.

This is me and it's marvelous and trippy all at once.


Cathie said...

Dang, she looks good! I was recently looking at the pictures on husband's phone from P's birth and was like "yikes, I look bad!" kind of like I just had surgery or somethin.

Elizabeth said...

Aw, congrats!!

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