Thursday, August 08, 2013

A Life Beyond #13

So, the neighborhood I go TO in the mornings is a world away from the one I leave FROM.
Which is both good and bad.
And weird.
Take, for example this scene as I was driving up a well known street the other day:

What is that, you ask.
It is a crane. And not a heavy object lifting/construction based kind of crane. No, the flying gracefully through the air to alight softly in a pond kind of crane.
It had been on the sidewalk in front of this house as I came upon it and in the few seconds it took to pull over and whip out my phone it moved to the peak of the roof. It didn't seem nervous. It didn't squawk or caw or screech.
In fact, it seemed quite at home and familiar with the environment. Like it belongs in the yard.
How idyllic.
I wonder what it would be like to live in a place where gentle birds come to visit?
There was a crack pipe in our front yard yesterday. Thanks for asking.

This is me and this one's for you Rocketgirl!

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Yes!!!!!!! I love you :)

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