Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Tarzan spoke in sacrament meeting yesterday - for Mother's Day.
Now, I know Tarzan is a deep guy but even I was amazed at what he produced this time.
Especially after I asked him the day before how it was coming and he said, "eh, it's done." So laid back that man.
It wasn't a straight up, "my mother is the best" kind of thing, which I appreciated. (Everyone's mother is the best - for them.)
It also wasn't a copy of a General Authority talk - not that those dudes aren't fabulous - they are - but I watch Conference, I read the Ensign, I don't need it read to me. I want to hear a person's own personal anecdotes, their own testimony.
Tarzan started by talking about the universe, gravitational force, solar bodies, all that and pulled it together - using scriptures - likening the family unit to the universe. Then he gave specific examples from his own life; the example set by his mother, the principles she taught him, and how they each have an effect on the world as a whole.
Totally unique.
Something I hadn't even thought about before, but rang true as he said it.
It was a lovely tribute to his mother and an amazing commentary on our place in the universe.

This is me and it was brilliant.


Dr. Data said...

How do I get a copy of that talk?

Tarzan said...
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Tarzan said...

I'm blushing. I don't usually write out my talks. I sketch out an outline and print out the scriptures. It was the first time I've ever experienced the illustrations from Abraham used in sacrament meeting. It was interesting.

Master P said...

Dagnabit. I typed mine out and then didn't really follow it, I want Tarzan's instead! My favorite Morher's day talk was by a missionary that started out with "I have the world's most perfect mother, and I hope you all disagree." No eulogizing or over idealizing. You should have invited some of mom's family - they would have taped it for us :)

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