Friday, May 24, 2013

I Spy A Bishop

So yes, for those who haven't guessed, Tarzan was sustained Bishop of our Ward (local congregation) on Sunday.
We invited friends and family to be present for the sustaining vote and some stayed for the setting apart process afterwards.
Tarzan, once again, gave some fabulous remarks. His uncles particularly like the bit about "when the flood waters are rising is not the time to learn carpentry."
It was a few days after the fact - a few VERY busy days (more to come on that later) - that I received a lovely note from Flieghund and BGE, thanking us for our invitation to come and offering Tarzan their support and confidence in his new position.
Attached to the email were a few clandestine photos. Pictures aren't usually taken in sacrament meeting (I felt almost naughty looking at these) and I have not sat in the congregation for so many years, I forgot what it looks like from down there.
So here you have it, Tarzan's inaugural statements:
If you look to the lower left of the window you will see me. Good thing I wore red:
This is me and if his mother thinks his hair is grey now...


Tarzan said...

The front of the chapel is much brighter than the back.

Anonymous said...
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Master P said...

Oh my! He looks so bishop-y!!

The Super Seven said...

Oh the fun has just begun!!! Jeff is branch president here in SK and the Sundays are long sometimes........congrats to you both ;)

Renay H. Marquez said...

Congratulations Tarzan!

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