Monday, March 04, 2013

Caught Me A Possum

It's a Jungle miracle!
We finally caught the possum that has been eating the cat food:
Only to find out that no animal control organization will come and remove it because, and I quote, "we moved into their space so we have to learn to coexist with them." She was quite emphatic that it was illegal for me to trap and relocate the stupid thing.
Bring it.
I'm not about to let this go on if I have the means to remove it. This is not the first time I've had to deal with wildlife in my backyard.
I documented the raccoon we used to have, here. Apparently cat food wasn't enough and he moved off to find better grub, leaving a hole in the ecosystem that is the crawl space under my house.
Enter the possums, and there are enough of them in the neighborhood that one enterprising female had babies this last year. The dog next door caught one baby and I have been infuriating the cats by not feeding them out of doors in the hopes that the possums would move on.
Apparently they are a very tenacious species.
Six months with none of my food and they are still giving me issues. So a friend loaned me a trap, I baited it and not 20 minutes later I had of my cats:
Stupid Bear.
Good thing he learned fast, because 20 minutes after letting him out, I had a possum:
After all the nonsense with the animal control people, Tarzan took it three miles down the road and dropped it in a park.

This is me managing my own wildlife.


Cathie said...

Holy cow! But I would have gone much farther than three miles.

Mara said...

Oh boy, this post brought me back lots of memories of my time working in a zoo. I lost track of how many injured and orphan possums we received in one year.

Master P said...

I know I should empathize and feel bad for the annoyance of the situation, but animal control's stance is so ridiculous I literally laughed. out. loud.

Anonymous said...

Wo! hold on there...since when did the Jungle get ceded back to the possums? Did I miss a memo?
What, pray tell, is animal control's policy with RATS? They usually follow humans, not precede 'em. Sheesh!
In Tehran they have rifle-carrying hit squads searching the streets at night for rats as big a rabbits.
I think possums fit that category. They sure look like they do.
Three miles? That's practically next door for a a squirrel. We take 'em at least 20 miles away.

Renay H. Marquez said...

Just be careful: they are totally vicious when trapped.

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