Thursday, June 23, 2011

This Was A Good One

I just discovered the marvel that is Pandora radio. What a brilliant idea. Start me off with a song I already know I like, reccommend others that are like it, then let me pick whether I like it a lot, a little, or not at all. The ones I don't like aren't offered again. The ones I do like are fodder for the next selections and as it goes along I found they do better choosing what I like. I can also make up more than one 'station' in case, as I do, one like classical AND 80's rock AND Josh Groban AND the Motown label.
It's awesome.
Though there still are commercials, they are short, singular and not obnoxious.

This is me with a radio station that I really like.


Cathie said...

I happy that you've found Pandora, and sad that you only just discovered it! I love it. I have a station I call "Jazz Hands!" It's Disney and Broadway showtunes.

Master P said...

I love3 Pandora! It helps Jared find really cool random bands. I have to try that Jazz Hands station!

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