Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh My Berry Goodness

I got a berry:
Well, three:
Okay fine, there were five berries.
I ate two already just to check and make sure they are, in fact, blackberries.
And they are! It's fantastic.
I probably need to recant my exasperation over the blackberry vine incident. It turns out that blackberries are a bi-annual plant, which means they grow one year and blossom the next. It's kind of sad to only get berries every other year, so what most growers do is have two vines planted next to each other. When one is growing the other is making fruit. After the harvest the old vines are cut back and the ones for next year can get bigger. It's an intriguing system. One I hadn't figured out how I was going to implement until I noticed that the vines that came from Tarzan's grandfather had blossoms, and the ones that had been cut back where now growing:So I ended up with what I had wanted, and all because the neighbor had been helpful. Maybe I should take him cookies - he felt really bad.

This is me, with renewed hope in my - pale - green thumb.


Cathie said...

Sounds like there's a gospel parable in there somewhere, eh?

So when are you going to tell us about your new job?

Mara said...

I had no idea that blackberries were bi-annual plants.

Master P said...

Why on earth would any scientist allow such a things as bi-annual plants?? Surely there is some chemical that could right this wrong!

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