Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Things They Do

Sunday morning I was doing my hair while Cheetah played in our bedroom.
(Lest you get any fanciful notions, I am not a 2-hours-plus-product-and-equipment kind of hair doing girl. I am a five-minutes-max-check-for-blemishes-ponytail-lip-gloss-and-mascara kind of girl.)
My hands are in the air with the elastic and the brush and I hear a splashing sound.
I turn around and Cheetah has come into the bathroom on silent feet, opened the toilet lid noiselessly (fortunately he does not know the seat lifts up as well), and he is playing in the water.
The toilet water.
I understand his being fascinated with the lid. He likes to flush too and I get that. I expect to have our water bill increase once he can open doors on his own. (We usually keep the bathroom doors closed.)
But when has he ever seen anyone put their hand *in* the toilet?

This is me wondering who he's copying.


Renay H. Marquez said...

I would have been worried if he wasn't prone to toddler play. Glad he's getting ready for a water table.

ATL said...

Haha!! That story never gets old.

HiToplay said...
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HiToplay said...
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Anonymous said...

Water & toddlers...perfect mgnetivity

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