Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Not A Bang But A Whimper

And thus ends my least successful NaBloPoMo ever.
Blame it on the fact we were all asleep by 8:45 last night.
(My high school and college selves are laughing hysterically, and heck, even my 2012 self is snickering. The last time I went to bed that early I had the flu and a fever of 102.)
But none of those versions of me imagined being married to the bishop - who is also teaching early morning Seminary right now while they look for someone to accept the calling, (being bishop isn't challenging enough apparently) which means he's up at 4am - it being fall, thus cold and dark, plus having a 1 year old, and all of us being some version of sick at the same time.
Sooooooo, here we all are.
It's not the life I imagined - and being sick stinks, and having a sick baby stinks worse - but it's our life and together we can make it through.
One day at a time.
Is that a thing?

This is me and it won't always be a slog.

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