Friday, February 21, 2014

ATL Admiration - Day 7

I don't like to think of myself as old - and there are certainly many that I work with/for who are older - but email was only starting to be a thing when I graduated from college. Website addresses had to be typed in, as numbers. There was no .com, .net stuff yet.
Our wedding pictures were shot on 35mm film, not digital. Cell phones were super expensive, really big and not that useful.
I'm not a techno-phobe but it's all mostly new to me.
ATL is very mature and self assured, but she is eight years younger than me and therefore has eight more years in the technology/digital world we live in.
So, one of the many things I will miss about ATL is her understanding technology and being able to explain it to me.
Especially about my phone or my computer. She taught me to text, how to find the emoji keyboard, about Skype and folders in my email.
It's like having my own customer service representative.

This is me and I can't ever get anything new.

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