Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Observations

I am just going to stop with the back dating of posts, start afresh and use this post to cover all the ground I lost. It's harder to try and write something as if it just happened and none of the intervening events did, than to look at a six week gap in my posting history. 
Just some random things I have noticed this summer.
  1. Despite June 21st being the longest day of the year - and therefore the days are getting shorter now - July seems to have really bright evenings. As in it's 7pm before I start to think about cooking dinner.
  2. As a child, I did not appreciate the beauty of summer vacation as much as I should have. Think of it; two+ months off to just bum around, go swimming, read, lay in the sun, visit the beach/park/museum/library/zoo/botanical gardens, sleep late and play with explosives. I totally understand the phrase "youth is wasted on the young."
  3. This is not so much a summer observation but a note, now that I'm drafting again, WHAT did we do in the days before email and Google maps? Roof plans are so easy now that I can get a satellite image and just copy it!
  4. Took a trip over to my "local" Asian market and found exactly what I have been searching for:
  5. Ran down one of the local streets and discovered the OTHER thing I have been searching for. You might have to zoom in a lot little to see the sign. (P.S. It says Virgin Malaysian Hair):

This is me and my summer so far.

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