Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State Of Affairs

I am not dead, much as it might be WAY easier that way.
As a general indication of my state of mind right now, I am wearing green, elf slippers, not unlike these, only less pointy:

Also, navy blue sweat pants, a magenta t-shirt and a black cardigan. I don't know that I could be less co-ordinating if I tried.

This is me and a post of epic proportions is in the works, never fear.


Anonymous said...

Cooks tell me its good to have plenty of color in your diet. Sounds like you've added plenty of color to the mix. Got to be a good thing.
Color is good on you in any combination :)

Anonymous said...

We miss you. Hope you're OK.

Master P said...

I think we should start one of those fashion blogs, but post what people ACTUALLY wear. People who have actual things to do other than wear cute blazers and walk around staring coyly at their shoes while their husbands snap pictures of them. We could call it Keeping It Real or Real Housewives Wear Sweats. Something like that. I miss you!!

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